The online gambling world has expanded immensely since it premiered decades ago. This industry has grown to the extent that the subdivisions have produced global organisations. One of these subdivisions is the software solution industry. There are several companies providing software however, Netent and Microgaming have stood out. Find the best place to play Netent games at

Overview of Netent

Netent is an established software solution company with two decades of experience. The company has been in existence since 1996 and has since been providing software solutions to online casinos and also land-based casinos in different regions. Are you looking to start your own online casino, you can check out online-propertymanagement for advice.

Netent received its first license in 2005 from the Malta Gaming Corporation. Since then, they have expanded to different jurisdictions and getting all the corresponding gaming licenses. Netent has over 1000 employees in over 5 different countries and are still expanding to ascertain their dominance. Below are countries in which Netent operate in

  • Sweden
  • Great Britain
  • Ukraine

List of netent games

Netent has a major focus on just three categories of casino games. These categories include Video slot, Table games and Live dealer games. However, there are also other categories of Netent games like the progressive jackpot slot with amazing win opportunities. Of all the categories, the most diverse is the video slot category

The games in the video slot category are majorly built based on historic themes. You can also find games built on folklore or popular television character. The table games category is also another important aspect of Netent. This contains different tabletop and card-based games. Some of the games you will find include Blackjack, Roulette and poker

Overview of Microgaming

Microgaming is one of the top game providers in the industry. In fact, some might argue that they are the best. This did not come as luck anyways since they started operation in the year 1994. The company is said to have pioneered the first mobile casino in 2004. Since then they have been setting the pace

Fun facts about Microgaming

Microgaming is the only software provider to have its name in the Guinness book of record. The company set the record for the highest Jackpot slot game payout in 2015. The company also claimed to have paid out over a billion euros in progressive jackpot slot. Other interesting facts about the company include:

  • Founding member of eCOGRA
  • Won over 16 awards

Categories of Microgaming games

Microgaming has different categories in which they focus on. These categories include Video slot, table games, poker, bingo and live dealer games. The company has set a standard in all these categories by providing software that seamlessly works with several mobile and desktop devices. This is the reason you will find their games in popular online casinos.


Final thought on the software providers

Microgaming has been in the game longer than Netent and this evident in their approach. However, Netent on teh other hand hs made a substantial contribution to the gaming world. The video slot category is obviously a walk in the park for Netent as they churn out amazing games, however, the progressive jackpot category is the turf of Microgaming.